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Comments made by pikeie
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pikeie pikeie 2008-08-27 pikeie fish
CSD huh??
pikeie pikeie 2008-01-03 pikeie fish
perch in lake simcoe get much bigger then this infact in the past year there have been a few perch in our boat over 15"
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
hey man we must feel the same way about this fisherman120 joke check out this link i made up for him
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
its not an excuse to keep it because they stock the lake, they only stock it because of fucked up people like you keeping all the big (not that you catch many) spawning fish
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
very nice male pink!
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
ya F120, just like you!!! you have to dis everyones pics, and then ive seen a few of yours and it looks like you keep all of the bigger fish (not that there is many) dick head!!
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
2 people and a few beers 45 minutes
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
you shouldnt of givin it away like i said fish that big make bigger bass when they breed theres no need for cursing... i know ur just trying to sound big, but its not working
pikeie pikeie 2007-09-25 pikeie fish
dude shut the fuck up ur like 11.... and ecko is definatly gay!
check out the pic i made for you bitch!!
pikeie pikeie 2007-04-03 pikeie fish
acctuly my fish isnt that close, my arm is acctully bent there u see.
pikeie pikeie 2007-03-28 pikeie fish
y would you keep a largie of that size????, that is a good breading size and it probly tasted like shit!! learn how to respect the enviroment and our fisheries before you teach people that its ok to do this, dont keep every fish you catch!!!!!
pikeie pikeie 2007-03-28 pikeie fish
yea it had some of the best markings for a pike that i had ever seen
pikeie pikeie 2006-06-26 pikeie fish
next time try ur best to relase such a butey fish. they are worth to much to only be caught once.
pikeie pikeie 2005-05-25 pikeie fish
who gives a shit about his nose. nice fish!
pikeie pikeie 2005-04-08 pikeie fish
nice muskie!!!!

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